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Official PWS Hand drill kits

It's frustrating to start off with hand-drill and not know if your kit will work. Is it the kit that's bad, or have I just not gotten the technique correct yet? We recommend learning with a kit you know will work.


Official PWS Bow Drill Kit

Our official bow drill kit is made entirely primitively.


Primal Blade

The PWS "Primal" Blade - Handcrafted by Phillip himself, right in Texas. These blades are used in the Primal Hunting Adventure.


PWS Multipurpose Cloth (back ordered)

This is probably the most versatile piece of gear on the planet! This cloth can be a thin blanket, a scarf, a way to create shade, a way to carry gear, a shelter building tool, a belt and so much more! I use these cloths more than almost any other piece of gear I own.


Antler handled ferro rod

These antler handled ferro rods not only look great but they can save your life as well! These ferro rods are 5/16″ thick and 3″ long (not including the handle). They throw sparks amazingly well and are the perfect companion for any bug out bag, survival bag, EDC, or just for those family camping trips.



The atlatl is a tool that changed the history of man. With its invention, primitive man were able to throw spears MUCH further and much harder. This opened up a lot of extra hunting opportunities and boosted our ability to survive tremendously.


PWS Bandana

Bandanas are on of the most useful and versatile pieces of gear you can have in your survival kit. These are great to pre-filter water, soak with water to cool down, improvised tourniquet or bandage, make char cloth, use for cordage, carry materials, collect water, or even just as a face mask during this COVID pandemic. However you choose to wear it, there’s no doubt that you’ll look good doing so!


Basket Maker Stone Knife

One of the coolest and most functional knife designs we’ve found. These blades are knapped by Phillip himself and glued into a cottonwood root handle using pine pitch glue. These replica knives are made the same way they would have been thousands of years ago. They are cool to look at but they are perfectly functional as well They will come with a brain tanned buckskin sheath and you can choose between flint or obsidian.


Basket Maker Steel Knife

This blade is modeled after the ancient Basketmaker (stone) knives that Phillip has used for years. Forged by Phillip himself, it has a 3″ blade with a convex grind, full tang that runs all the way through the 4″ handle and is made out of 1095 high carbon steel. It comes in a handmade buckskin sheath from a deer that Phillip harvested and tanned. This blade has been tested extensively and Phillip puts his name behind it completely. If you’re looking for a blade that you can stake your life on in the wilderness, with a rich and amazing history and that looks beautiful as well…. this is your blade.


PWS Bow Drill Bearing Block

This is our preferred bearing block for making bow drill fire. These are made from whitetail deer antler and each one will have a jute wrist lanyard with a turquoise decorative bead. The jute lanyard can double as an excellent tinder source in a pinch as well. These are also the bearing blocks that come with our bow drill kits.


PWS Single-walled Stainless Steel Bottle

These stainless steel water bottles are the perfect way to carry water, boil, cook, etc. They are 34 oz, which works well with purification tablets and they are the perfect size to carry plenty of water and cook in with taking up too much space


PWS Tinder Pouch

The PWS tinder pouch is a simple yet useful piece of kit. It’s a great way to collect and keep up with your tinder without making a mess. This is the same pouch that will come with the hand drill and bow drill kits.


PWS T-Shirt

These shirts are printed individually by Phillip. No two are exactly the same. They are block printed on the front and the back is done with hand made stencils. The design on the back represents how man is a part of the natural world and that we’ve had our “hand” in it since the beginning of time.


Handmade Net Bottle Carrier

These handmade net carriers are a perfectly functional and stylish way to carry your bottle. While doing primitive walk abouts, they provide a quick, easy way to access water!


PWS Bushman Axe

The single most useful tool ever created! This axe is based off of those used by the bushman of Africa. It can be used as an axe, an adze, a wedge, a knife, a scraper, a hoe and more! Forged by Phillip himself. "I have yet to find a tool that is more efficient or more effective in the woods." - Phillip