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Official PWS Hand drill kits


It's frustrating to start off with hand-drill and not know if your kit will work. Is it the kit that's bad, or have I just not gotten the technique correct yet? We recommend learning with a kit you know will work.

Official PWS Bow Drill Kit


Our official bow drill kit is made entirely primitively.

Primal Blade


The PWS "Primal" Blade - Handcrafted by Phillip himself, right in Texas. These blades are used in the Primal Hunting Adventure.

PWS Multipurpose Cloth


This is probably the most versatile piece of gear on the planet! This cloth can be a thin blanket, a scarf, a way to create shade, a way to carry gear, a shelter building tool, a belt and so much more! I use these cloths more than almost any other piece of gear I own.

Woods Trekker (Feb 11-12, 2023)


The woods trekker course is the second step in your journey to self reliance. This class builds on top of our basic class and we will continue to expand on the skills that you have learned as well as introducing some new skills. In this class we will begin to transition more towards a minimalist approach and we will learn to get many of our resources from the landscape. you will learn some more advanced navigation techniques using a map and compass, learn to identify many wild edible and medicinal plants, learn to make bowdrill from the landscape, and some primitive food procurement methods… all while travelling and exploring the region. This will be a fun class with some new challenges and adventures. You must bring your own food but water will be provided.

Antler handled ferro rod


These antler handled ferro rods not only look great but they can save your life as well! These ferro rods are 5/16″ thick and 3″ long (not including the handle). They throw sparks amazingly well and are the perfect companion for any bug out bag, survival bag, EDC, or just for those family camping trips.


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