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Friday, January 20, 2023

Bowdrill fire from the landscape!

Phillip Liebel

In this video I make a quick bowdrill fire from the landscape using what I carry on me during a trail run! I think it’s a great exercise to run into the wilderness, practice skills and run back. You carry minimal gear while you run AND you work on your projects after you’re all ready tired.

Hey everyone! Phillip here! I just posted this new video on my Youtube Channel where I build a bow drill from the landscape on the fly! I include lots of details so you'll be able to follow along! Check it out!

Learning how to create a bow drill from the landscape around you will do a ton for improving your confidence in the outdoors. Learning the technique of starting the friction fire is an important step, too. We recommend starting your learning with a kit that you know works. For that, you can purchase an official PWS Bowdrill Kit to start your primitive fire journey!

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