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The Primitive Wilderness Survival Story

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“I'd been sincerely missing nature after moving to the city. Phillip has not only reconnected me with nature, but connected me more deeply with it, and our ancestors than ever before."

- Patrick Lee Scott

It all started when Phillip was just a kid...

Thanks to his family’s Cherokee heritage, he was fascinated with the idea of how his ancestors used to live...



As with many little boys...

Phillip was first fascinated by primitive weaponry and hunting... However, as he spent more and more time in the wilderness, he began to understand the importance of the basic survival necessities like fire, water, food, and shelter.

As he grew older and entered adulthood, Phillip found himself stuck in a soul-crushing 9-5 job. Determined to escape the monotony and provide a better, more meaningful life for his family, Phillip started teaching survival courses. His skills and knowledge quickly gained recognition, and he was invited to teach amongst some of the greatest instructors in the nation and at prestigious primitive skills gatherings.

It was through one of these gatherings that Phillip was given the opportunity to be on the History Channel’s show “Alone.” Although this was a dream come true for Phillip, he was faced with a difficult decision. His wife was pregnant with their second child, and he couldn’t bear the thought of being gone while she was born. Despite the lure of adventure and the chance to showcase his skills, Phillip ultimately decided to deny the call and stay with his family.


That's when the universe intervened...

Just when Phillip thought his chance to be on “Alone” had passed, the universe intervened. The producers of the show called him with an opportunity that seemed tailor-made for him – a new spin-off called “Alone: The Beast.” The show would take place in the Canadian arctic, and contestants would need to spend a month in the wilderness with no tools. They could only use resources from the landscape and from a big game animal that was killed.

Phillip was thrilled at the opportunity to showcase his skills in primitive living. He knew that this show had a set time frame, and he would be back home in time for the birth of his daughter. Better yet, the show focused on his specialty – primitive skills. Phillip eagerly accepted the challenge and set off on the journey of a lifetime.

As Phillip navigated the harsh wilderness of the Canadian arctic on “Alone: The Beast,” he was faced with challenges he never could have anticipated. The biting cold seeped into his bones, and he couldn’t shake the gnawing hunger pangs that plagued him.

This was a very difficult experience for Phillip. He missed his family and wished he could be with them, especially as his wife’s due date approached. However, Phillip knew he had to stay strong and see this journey through to the end.

Unfortunately, Phillip’s determination wasn’t enough to overcome the challenges he faced. He eventually fell sick and had to leave the show early, causing him great emotional turmoil. Phillip felt like he had let his team and family down.

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Thankfully, that's when he found a mentor...

After “Alone: The Beast,” Phillip returned to teaching survival skills. It was through the primitive skills gatherings he taught at that Phillip formed a relationship with Dave Holladay, a survival legend. Dave became Phillip’s mentor and taught him about the importance of being one with nature. Dave believed that “Earth is home,” and he felt at home anywhere he went in nature.

Dave was well known as a survival consultant for many shows and survival celebrities, such as Dual Survival and Bear Grylls. He was also the person who came up with the idea of “Wilson” for the movie “Castaway.” Dave saw something special in Phillip and told him that he reminded him of himself when he was younger. Phillip was honored to have Dave as his mentor and was eager to learn everything he could from this survival expert.

The Abyss

It was time to put his skills to the test...

 Phillip felt ready to put his skills to the test. He decided to go on a survival adventure with Dave and asked God to challenge him and his skills. The adventure was full of challenges, such as crossing dangerous rock faces and finding food in the wilderness. Things were going well until a flash flood separated Phillip from the group.

As the floodwaters rose higher and higher, Phillip knew he had to use all of his survival skills to make it through the night. He searched frantically for a way to get to higher ground, but the floodwaters were too strong. Phillip knew he had to use all of his strength and determination to survive.

With all of his might, Phillip pulled himself out of the water and onto a rocky outcropping. He knew he had to find a way to stay out of the water, so he huddled on top of a small rock and shivered uncontrollably throughout the night.

As the night dragged on, Phillip couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever make it out of the wilderness alive. He prayed for strength and courage.

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As he huddled on the rocky outcropping, fighting for his life...

As he huddled on the rocky outcropping, fighting for his life, Phillip had a true awakening. He realized the importance of community and how survival isn’t just about being alone – that the true reward of survival was about creating relationships and building a community.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the dawn broke and Phillip knew he had survived the night. However, he knew his journey was far from over. He had to find a way to get back to civilization and to the people he loved.

Through this journey, Phillip also learned to have a greater respect for the natural world and the lessons it could teach him. He appreciated the importance of never losing hope more than ever before. Phillip knew that he had been through a transformative experience that had changed him in ways he could never have imagined. 

As Phillip made his way back to civilization, he realized that survival isn’t just about being alone. It’s about creating relationships and building a community. Phillip knew that he had been given a gift – the knowledge and skills he had gained through his journey in the wilderness. He felt a deep sense of atonement and knew that he wanted to share this gift with others.

That's when he started Primitive Wilderness Survival

Upon returning home, Phillip started his business “Primitive Wilderness Survival” with the goal of building a movement of like-minded individuals who wanted to reconnect with nature and each other through nature. Through his business, Phillip aimed to empower people by teaching them the skills they need to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Phillip knew that by sharing his knowledge and building a community, he could make a real difference in the world.

What others say about us

From around the campfire...

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"Highly recommend!!!"

“Phillip is a great Instructor! He is highly skilled, super friendly, loves to share his knowledge and is super humble! If you’ve been thinking about training with him, have confidence that you will not be disappointed and will leave his class with a ton of new and valuable knowledge!"

- Matt Tate

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“Much Needed!”

“We are coming to a time we will need this to survive here in the US.”  

- Sandi Duerr

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“Things we need to know!”

“Things we need to know! Cause life can get rough!”  

- John Bacon Jr.


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